Top 10 Commercial Judgments

Below is a list of Commercial Judgments Loaded in the last 14 days.

Company NameAmountJudgment DateIndustry
1.She Pollagh Limited€74,39208/12/2017Real estate
2.Harpcrest Limited€29,86330/11/2017Trade and Retail
3.Abbeylands Enterprises Limited€27,90306/12/2017Trade and Retail
4.Print4now Limited€21,61423/11/2017Manufacturing
5.Costello Print Limited€19,77823/11/2017Manufacturing
6.Leinster Roofing Supplies Limited12345€16,69301/12/2017Construction
7.Jk Engineering Supplies Limited€14,27130/11/2017Construction
8.Brockelsby Construction Limited€12,92904/12/2017Construction
9.Adstreaming Media Limited€10,98601/12/2017Computers
10.S.F.Z Takeaways Limited€7,03211/12/2017Hospitality
For the total value of €0.24M
Top 10 Consumer Judgments

Below is a list of Consumer Judgments Loaded in the last 14 days.

Consumer NameAmountJudgment Date
1.Susannah Barry, Donedward Barry€2,301,67823/11/2017
2.David Wright€1,742,84205/12/2017
3.Eamonn Farrell€648,73508/12/2017
4.Bernard Kirk€553,05408/12/2017
5.Mary Allen€494,19121/11/2017
6.Oliver Mckenna€443,56408/12/2017
7.Adrian Kearney€389,88327/11/2017
8.Mairead Heagney€387,46408/12/2017
9.Hussein Kaoun€322,88427/11/2017
10.Paul Loughran€317,61611/12/2017
For the total value of €7.60M


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