Business Set Ups

Below is a list of new Business Set Ups.

Business Name Partial Address Industry

23rd of November, 2017

Agridrone Waterford X91 Tk28 Legal and Other Business Activities
Air Conditioning Solutions Co. Cork Community Service
Amy Kybarta Design Galway, H91 D5dy Manufacturing
Beworks Dublin 6 D06 Vn24 Community Service
Building Blocks Speech and Language Therapy Cork, T12 F9xe Legal and Other Business Activities
Carraig Na Ron Co. Donegal Manufacturing
Castlebridge Nursing Home Co. Wexford Community Service
Cbd Èire Co Westmeath Unknown
Coast To Coast Motors Co. Roscommon Motor
Congo Concierge Cork City Unknown
Cool Red Studio Co. Wexford Y34 Fe84 Community Service
Cork Convention Centre Co. Cork, T45 Ay89 Leasing
Donovans Centra Co. Kildare W23 X3p2 Trade and Retail
Dudan Fashion Dublin 18, D18 Kr72 Trade and Retail
E-Julnar Jewellery Dublin 22 D22 Ca34 Trade and Retail
Easy Auto'S Co. Dublin K34 Pk26 Motor
Flowers 2u Co. Meath, C15 W2n4 Trade and Retail
Fly Dragon Co. Tipperary Community Service
G & H General Building and Maintenance Co. Roscommon F45 Ek81 Construction
G-Sat Services Co. Donegal Trade and Retail
Gem Audio Solutions Co. Kerry V92 V3ht Community Service
Glavey Arboriculture and Forestry Co. Waterford, X42 Y795 Agriculture
Gloria Seasons Co. Donegal F92 Ywr3 Hospitality
Go For Brokers Dublin 7 D07 Wnp2 Legal and Other Business Activities
Golden Ratio Maintenance Co. Dublin D13 Y076 Community Service
Gusto Productions Dublin 16 D16 R264 Trade and Retail
Lfpd Dublin 8, D08 Ac91 Hospitality
Logicode Co. Cavan H16 Kx64 Computers
Melvana's Event Management Co. Roscommon N37 R9y2 Community Service
Midlands Boiler Services Co. Westmeath, N37 Cv09 Construction
Mister Pizza & Take Away Co. Westmeath N37 H1k0 Hospitality
Mm Automation Services Co. Westmeath, N37 W668 Legal and Other Business Activities
Mowimar Dublin 1 D01 Nx76 Trade and Retail
Nordtown Co. Cork P24 Nt66 Trade and Retail
O'Gorman Carpentry Co. Meath, C15 Rw18 Construction
Rentmyone Dublin 13 D13 Xy48 Leasing
Rewire and Not Retire Galway, H91 X4c1 Education
Saffron Spice Takeaway Co. Donegal Hospitality
Sinead Diggins Co. Tipperary, E41 Tr29 Health
Sole Guidance Co. Leitrim, N41 N224 Community Service
Surprisabowl Waterford, X91 K82r Manufacturing
The a Mark Co. Cork, T45 Ay89 Community Service
The Book of Thought Dublin 6 Transport
The Hare's Corner Spirit House Cork T12 Ay67 Trade and Retail
The Heights Hotel Killarney Co. Kerry V93 Xkr4 Hospitality
The Little Alice Co. Kerry, V31 Ek02 Hospitality
The School of Life Dublin 4, D04 N882 Education
The Transporter Co. Galway, H62 X320 Transport
Top Roofing Co. Kilkenny, R95 Fw29 Construction
Yoga with Saskia Dublin 1 D01 T8r2 Community Service

22nd of November, 2017

A and T Courier Cork Community Service
Ab Carpentry Services Co. Meath Construction
Abbey Grill Co. Kerry Hospitality
Adoor Premium Serviced Apartments Dublin 2 Hospitality
Aira Dublin 2 Manufacturing
Apf Capital Ireland Co. Dublin A96 F6v3 Financial
Asahi Asian Street Food Dublin 2, D02 Rw89 Hospitality
Auto Soft Garage Co. Dublin Motor
Ballykilty Cheese Co. Wicklow Trade and Retail
Ballykilty Farm Co. Wicklow Trade and Retail
Be Crystal-Clear Co. Wexford, Y21 Rh21 Community Service
Bee Master Payroll Co. Galway, H53 Yy47 Legal and Other Business Activities
Blarney Medium Cork T23 Y282 Community Service
Brian's Driving School Co. Louth Education
Brickwood Co. Dublin Construction
Buzzing Online Co. Monaghan Computers
Cantor Fitzgerald Trustees Dublin 2 Legal and Other Business Activities
Capital Homes Co. Offaly R35 F6f8 Construction
Capital Homes Co. Offaly R35 F6f8 Construction
Central Valuations Dublin 2 Computers
Copywriting By Hand Dublin 18 D18 T3k1 Legal and Other Business Activities
Cru Farms Co. Kildare R14 Vy59 Agriculture
Cúpla Tees Co. Limerick Trade and Retail
Db Plant Hire Co. Westmeath Construction
Dcs Courier Limerick, V94 W9tf Transport
Dee Hub County Louth Health
Doyle's Pharmacy Co Kildare Trade and Retail
Easycab Dublin 11, D11 Yt02 Transport
Eceer Corporate Video Solutions Co. Limerick Legal and Other Business Activities
Eolas Co. Wicklow A98 Xy56 Computers
Eurotrade Dublin 22 D22 Pf84 Transport
F B Moore Accounting Solutions Co. Dublin, K32 Yx53 Financial
Fahys Turloughmore Co. Galway Trade and Retail
Ferrycarrig Autobody Repairs Wexford Motor
Fetish Shoes and Handbags Co. Laois Trade and Retail
Fhm Co. Wicklow Legal and Other Business Activities
Fhm Accountants Co. Wicklow Legal and Other Business Activities
Flynnstones Dublin 9, D09 Vx53 Transport
Frock Me Co. Wexford Trade and Retail
Frontier Windows & Doors Dublin 12, D12 Ye06 Construction
Gear Check Co. Galway, H62 W586 Transport
Graphics Gang Co. Cork Community Service
Greatgas Express Letterkenny Co. Donegal, F92 F9dr Trade and Retail
Hbcbt Co. Kildare Health
Helding Nordic Dublin 15 D15 K461 Trade and Retail
Hincha Sports Co. Tipperary, E53 Ed65 Community Service
Hughes Construction Co. Dublin, A94 P2x0 Construction
Jfb Decor Dublin 7 Construction
Jm Property Services Co. Kilkenny Real estate
Kilkenny Motor Company Kilkenny Motor
Kinvara Christmas Lights Co. Galway Community Service
Liberty Mutual Insurance Dublin 4 Financial
Lighting Sports Co. Offaly Legal and Other Business Activities
Madhavi Indian Cafe Restaurant Waterford Hospitality
Marc Kilkenny Architects Dublin 2, D02 Hc67 Legal and Other Business Activities
Mark Climate Technology Co Cork Construction
Markovating Solutions Dublin 1 Legal and Other Business Activities
Merchant Testcards Dublin 3, D03 Ch61 Trade and Retail
Mount Thomas Dairies Co. Laois R32 Yt73 Agriculture
Munster Landscaping Co. Waterford Community Service
Murala Co. Clare Manufacturing
Naqvi Dry Cleaning Limerick V94 P9d9 Community Service
Nessa's School of Motoring Co. Wicklow Education
New Moon Restaurant Tullow Co. Carlow Hospitality
Niall and Kevin Carr Co. Louth A91 T6k8 Construction
Nicole Hughes the Beauty Guru Co. Cork, P61 Kt93 Community Service
Nigel Lacey Transport Co. Wicklow Transport
Noo Chocolates Co. Mayo Manufacturing
North Star Banjo's. Co. Donegal Manufacturing
O'Sullivan Bathroom Renovations Co. Kerry, V92 E6e8 Construction
O'Sullivan Bros. Construction Co. Kerry, V92 E6e8 Construction
Old Stonewall Farm Co Dublin Unknown
Olivia Grazia Co. Meath, C15 A3y5 Trade and Retail
P.J.O'Driscolls Solicitors Co. Cork, P72 F685 Legal and Other Business Activities
Partywizz Dublin 6 D06 Vw96 Community Service
Payper Dublin 11 Computers
Pearl and Co Co. Dublin Trade and Retail
Persse's Irish Whiskey Galway, H91 Ef9k Manufacturing
Pjods Co. Cork, P72 F685 Legal and Other Business Activities
Rawbit Co. Westmeath Community Service
Red Ted Media Dublin 3 Transport
Sas Florist Co. Limerick Trade and Retail
Seek and Find Quality Used Plant Co. Offaly Motor
Sendipity Co. Kerry, P51 Ac89 Trade and Retail
Smart Home Staging Co. Kildare W23 X2e7 Community Service
Soloform Wicklow Community Service
Stay Claspy Co. Kildare Trade and Retail
Sygenix Dublin 2 Manufacturing
Taj Palace Co. Meath Community Service
The Bean Machine Co. Wexford Hospitality
The Jones Way Co. Wicklow Community Service
The Mermaid's Purse Galway, H91 Fkp3 Trade and Retail
Thomas Phelan Training Co. Cork Education
Travel Trips Dublin 4 D04 Ed83 Community Service
Trojan Safety Training Dublin 14 Community Service
Vanilla Pod Bakehouse Co. Wexford Community Service
Westmeath Fuel Co. Offaly Trade and Retail
Westmeath Fuels Co. Offaly Trade and Retail
Westmeath Oil Co. Offaly Trade and Retail
Your South East Rehabilitation Therapies Co. Wexford Health

21st of November, 2017

A Rún Café Longford, N39 W6n2 Hospitality
Acceller8now Co. Kildare W91 K2ex Legal and Other Business Activities
Albert Lynch's Pub Co Cork Unknown
Aok Nutrition Co. Dublin, D13 Yp59 Health
Aras Gcc Co Donegal Hospitality
Atlantic Medical Centre Co Mayo, F26 E6w8 Unknown
Auto Market Dublin 12, D12 Kv81 Computers
Bpcb Design Co. Tipperary Community Service
Bucks Suds Co. Cork, T45 N273 Motor
Camden Education Trust Galway, H91 Wcp5 Education
Casey Kennedy Properties Co Dublin Real estate
Chris O Leary Plant & Civil Works Co. Cork P72 Kt67 Construction
Cleverblazer Productions Dublin 12 Community Service
Cork Container Terminal Cork, T12 Cy88 Transport
Dwan It Dublin 6w, D6w Ry84 Computers
F&F Fashion Stitching Co. Longford, N39 R667 Community Service
Forward Fitness Dublin 11 Community Service
Fresh & Fast Co. Cork T12 K597 Hospitality
Galtee Bus Hire Co Limerick Unknown
Grey Hair Wizard Co. Kildare, W12 N541 Trade and Retail
Hazel Dunne Dublin 11 Community Service
It Value Management Dublin 6w, D6w X378 Computers
It's Only Words Co. Louth, A91 Td45 Community Service
J6 Swim Dublin 15, D15 C6wx Community Service
Jade Dragon Co. Carlow R95 Rp0e Hospitality
Jc Roofing Dublin 10, D10 T938 Construction
Jk Plastering and Property Maintenance Co. Wexford Y25 C566 Construction
Jomi B&B Co. Louth A92 Ye3v Hospitality
Kennedys Bar Co. Cork Community Service
Kidz - R - Kidz Dublin 15, D15 Pwy2 Community Service
Lesson Booking Co. Dublin K67 C642 Computers
Life and Money Ireland Dublin 3 Computers
Limerick Production Services Limerick V94 Drp8 Transport
Lisheens.Com Co Cork, P75 Vp95 Unknown
Mbc Tree Care Co Wexford Unknown
Midleton Oriental Co. Cork P25 Wf99 Hospitality
Mpower Mechanical Installations Co. Waterford Trade and Retail
Nexu Science Communication Co. Meath, A85 Y883 Legal and Other Business Activities
Nmk Personal Training Co. Dublin, K78 Rr44 Community Service
Oriental City Chinese Takeaway Co. Limerick V94 Kcf9 Hospitality
Perpetual Equanimity Kilkenny Transport
Regent Co. Kilkenny R95 V529 Hospitality
Saif Security Services Longford, N39 A0h9 Legal and Other Business Activities
School Support Systems Dublin 14 D14 W9n1 Computers
Shanagarry Potters Co. Cork, P25 Vk82 Manufacturing
Smith's Pharmacy Dublin 1, D01 Yp92 Trade and Retail
Sorcha O Dowd Makeup Co. Roscommon N37 V215 Community Service
Stunt Register Ireland Co. Wexford Community Service
Tehnites Dublin 16 D16 Fc66 Legal and Other Business Activities
The Consultant Academy Dublin 2, D02 A098 Computers
The Dog Squad Co. Wexford, Y25 A023 Community Service
The Mill Bar Co. Longford, N39 T8x7 Community Service
The Pink Door Co. Wicklow A63 Yy58 Trade and Retail
Treacy Bros Fascia Soffit & Gutters Co. Cork, P36 F242 Construction
Turnkey Renovations Co Cork P25 A276 Construction
Uilleann Ceoil Co. Cork Community Service
Visual Media Group Co. Dublin D24 Fd63 Community Service
Wives and Girlfriends Dublin 15 D15 K850 Community Service
Wizkidz Primary Tuition Co. Cork Education
Wolf of Events Dublin 8 D08 H67y Computers
Xpand Global Group Carlow, R93 W3y1 Community Service
Zam Zam Kebab Co. Kerry Hospitality
Zenskin Co. Dublin, K36 Yx54 Community Service

20th of November, 2017

2050 Cctv Security Distribution Co. Wexford Trade and Retail
59 South Co. Carlow Manufacturing
Abbey Bread Borrisokane Co Tipperary Unknown
Adunni Alaso-Oke Dublin 15 Manufacturing
Aerdrone International Dublin 4 Legal and Other Business Activities
Aes International Dublin 2 Community Service
Air Map Surveys Co. Meath Community Service
Albrite Property Maintenance Dublin 12 Community Service
Amigo Loans Dublin 7 Financial
Ancillary Co. Dublin, A96 E762 Legal and Other Business Activities
Arus Alliancel Lp Dublin 2 Unknown
Ascend Training and Hr Solutions Co. Dublin Education
Av Hair Studio Co. Cork Community Service
Back To Basics Beauty Co. Waterford Community Service
Bags of Books Co. Dublin K34 Tk71 Trade and Retail
Bare Necessities Carlow Trade and Retail
Barry Fitzgerald Solicitors Co Laois Legal and Other Business Activities
Bbcb Design Co. Tipperary Community Service
Bealtaine Crafts Co. Kerry, V93 Hy02 Community Service
Best Pizza & Kebab Limerick Hospitality
Bim Tech Solutions Co. Donegal Legal and Other Business Activities
Blackjack Promotions Ireland Co Kildare Legal and Other Business Activities
Blackrock Academy of Music Co. Louth Education
Blondies Unisex Hair Studio Co. Wexford Community Service
Bonitares Dublin 16 Community Service
Book Keeping Solutions Co Limerick Unknown
Brian Redmond Co. Kildare Community Service
C N Services Cork Construction
Cake Stack Dublin 18 Hospitality
Camera Shy Media Waterford Computers
Castlebridge Manor Nursing Home Co. Wexford Community Service
Chill On Co. Clare V95 Hr44 Trade and Retail
Cio Plus It Consultancy Co. Dublin, A96 K8k1 Computers
Clarendon Legal Co. Donegal Legal and Other Business Activities
Classic Chauffeur'S Dublin 5 Unknown
Clew Bay Family Practice Co. Mayo Health
Coffee Connection Co. Carlow Hospitality
Cork Lasercare Clinic Cork Community Service
Cork Seafari Cork Transport
Course Ranger Co. Kerry Manufacturing
Data Harp Co. Laois Community Service
Dramaticmac Co. Westmeath, N91 F9f2 Computers
Dublin's Big Tow Dublin 15, D15 Xy54 Community Service
Duffys Farm Co. Donegal Agriculture
Dunes Group Dublin 7, D07 X763 Community Service
Efworld Co. Wexford Trade and Retail
Emer Antar Design Co. Kerry Legal and Other Business Activities
Euro Store & More Dublin 1, D01 C5f2 Trade and Retail
Express Tailors Limerick V94 Xc89 Trade and Retail
Fest Co. Kerry Manufacturing
Fiona Kelly Solicitors Co Donegal Legal and Other Business Activities
Five Star Bansha Co. Tipperary Hospitality
Glam Nails Carlow Community Service
Globaled Co. Cork P31 Y297 Education
Gp World Health Care Dublin 18 Community Service
Grove Dairy Farms Partnership Co. Cork Agriculture
Habcon Autos Co. Meath Motor
Hair By Mona Lisa Co. Mayo Community Service
Happy Paws Doggy Walks Co Kilkenny Unknown
Hardscape Solutions Dublin 22 D22 T221 Construction
Hillbrook Autos Dublin 22 Motor
I.N.G.A Cleaning Services Co. Cork, P56 R893 Community Service
Irish Traders Waterford Motor
Isco Academic Dublin 15 D15 Nv08 Legal and Other Business Activities
John a Keary Celebrant Co. Louth Community Service
K Coach Co. Offaly Transport
Karma Hair Salon Cork Community Service
Keadee Design Co. Kildare R14 Dp49 Community Service
Khyber Garden Co. Meath Hospitality
Kilkenny College of Beauty Therapy Kilkenny Education
Klkenny Doggy Walks Co Kilkenny Unknown
Kmc Car Sales Dublin 3 Unknown
Kono Pizza Dublin 1 Trade and Retail
Kw Agencies Dublin 12 Unknown
Lams Asian Cuisine Co. Wicklow Hospitality
Lapa Galway Trade and Retail
Little Spark Media Ireland Kilkenny Computers
Marzo Development Dublin 18 Community Service
MD Safety Services Co. Tipperary Community Service
Merkes Performance Dublin 2 Health
Micro Renewable Energy Federation Co. Dublin K78 X5w6 Legal and Other Business Activities
Morrissey Clarke Solicitors County Dublin Legal and Other Business Activities
Nails By Judy Co. Wicklow Community Service
New Awakenings Dublin 24, D24 Pxf7 Health
Newbridge Taekwon-Do Co. Wicklow Community Service
Nextday Dublin 16 Transport
North-Western Internationl Cleaner Production Centre Lp Dublin 2 Unknown
Oven Clean Team Dublin 15 Community Service
P Lacken Carpentry & Roofing 1st and 2nd Fix Co. Mayo Construction
Patel Trading Cavan, H12 Rd30 Trade and Retail
Paws R Us Dublin 14, D14 Wd28 Community Service
Pen Fen 71 Co. Wicklow Y14 Kx51 Construction
Perfect Co. Cavan Community Service
Phoenix Cafe Dublin 8 D08 X6x3 Hospitality
PML Financial Planning Co. Kildare Community Service
Poppies and Me Limerick Legal and Other Business Activities
Pro Interiors, Ceiling & Drywall Dublin 15 D15 Dt96 Construction
Probyto Dublin 2 Computers
Raheny Orthodontics Dublin 5 Health
Realtra Technologies Dublin 17 Manufacturing
Road Materials Co. Cork Mining
Satis Foods Ireland Cork Unknown
Skytango Co. Dublin K45 P940 Transport
Slane Physical Therapy Co. Meath Health
Slapbook Dublin 24 Community Service
Speechclinic Limerick V94 C2w7 Health
Squisito Co. Meath Hospitality
T & K Utilities Co. Monaghan Construction
Teeth 4 Us Limerick Legal and Other Business Activities
The Fire Slice Co. Mayo F23 Xa40 Hospitality
The Interiors Project Dublin 14 Legal and Other Business Activities
The Kildare Zoo Co. Kildare Community Service
The Mini-Digger Man Co. Meath, C15 H7p3 Construction
The Old Sack Company Co. Kerry Manufacturing
Top Falafel Co. Limerick Trade and Retail
Triqs Dublin 7 Legal and Other Business Activities
True Media Limerick Legal and Other Business Activities
U Pick Galway Trade and Retail
Uncle Pete'S Cork, T12 Ah90 Hospitality
Unity Seed Media Co. Kildare Transport
Utcc Dublin 22 Construction
Vanish Cleaning Services Co. Tipperary Community Service
Velvet Hand and Foot Spa Nails By Andy Co. Waterford Community Service
Vip Lounge Dublin 15 Community Service
Walker Murray Dublin 2 Financial
Wks Global Co. Laois R93 E4e2 Construction
Woodford Farm Co. Cork Agriculture
Yoza Co. Louth Computers
Áine's Fiji Volunteering Trip 2018 Co. Galway H53 F9y1 Community Service


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