Recent Judgments

Below is a list of recent Judgments. (ending 19/11/2019).

Company NamePartial AddressIndustry

11th of November, 2019

Buch-Anderson Moore Associates LimitedDublin 18Hospitality
Ipirix LimitedDublin 12Transport
Mk All About Food LimitedCo. WaterfordTrade and Retail
Nicky Gallagher Construction LimitedDublin 14Construction

8th of November, 2019

Just Beds (2000) LimitedCo DublinManufacturing

7th of November, 2019

Frenchlawn Construction LimitedCo. DublinConstruction

6th of November, 2019

Atlantic Ocean Sands Hotel LimitedDublin 22Hospitality

5th of November, 2019

Collins Town and Country LimitedCo. CorkTrade and Retail

4th of November, 2019

Majko LimitedCo. DublinCommunity Service

1st of November, 2019

A & F Clothing Company LimitedCo. CavanTrade and Retail
Pwel Enterprises LimitedCo. LouthTrade and Retail
T/As Mocha BeansAthlone, Co WestmeathOther
Torca Developments LimitedDublin 4Legal and Other Business Activities

31st of October, 2019

Cambyses Technologies LimitedDublin 7Computers
The Little Pharma LimitedDublin 24Agriculture

29th of October, 2019

Achrock Technologies LimitedDublin 2Computers
Cl Metro Inns LimitedDublin 18Hospitality
Dod Civils LimitedCo. TipperaryConstruction
M.D. Burns & Co. LimitedCo MeathLegal and Other Business Activities


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