Top Irish Companies - Manufacturing

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Manufacture Of Refined Petroleum ProductsManufacture Of Made-Up Textile Articles, Except Apparel
Production And Preserving Of MeatManufacture Of Other Organic Basic Chemicals
Other Activities Related To PrintingPublishing Of Books
Manufacture Of Flat GlassManufacture Of Food Products And Beverages
Manufacture Of Watches And ClocksManufacture Of Basic Pharmaceutical Products
Manufacture Of Optical Instruments And Photographic EquipmentManufacture Of Electric Domestic Appliances
Manufacture Of Luggage, Handbags And The Like, Saddlery And HarnessManufacture Of Motor Vehicles, Trailers And Semi-Trailers
Manufacture Of Insulated Wire And CableManufacture Of Wines
Manufacture Of Electric Motors, Generators And TransformersPrinting Of Newspapers
Manufacture Of Medical And Surgical Equipment And Orthopaedic AppliancesManufacture Of Machinery And Equipment N.E.C.
Manufacture Of Other Textiles N.E.C.Manufacture Of Pharmaceutical Preparations
Manufacture Of MaltShaping And Processing Of Flat Glass
Manufacture Of Electronic Valves And Tubes And Other Electronic ComponentsManufacture Of Rubber And Plastic Products
Aluminium ProductionManufacture Of Other Plastic Products
Manufacture Of Non-Electric Domestic AppliancesPublishing Of Sound Recordings
Manufacture Of Builders' Carpentry And Joinery Of MetalManufacture Of Pumps And Compressors
Manufacture Of Paper And PaperboardCasting Of Iron
Manufacture Of Ceramic Household And Ornamental ArticlesManufacture Of Other Articles Of Concrete, Plaster And Cement
Manufacture Of Bodies (Coachwork) For Motor Vehicles; Manufacture Of Trailers And Semi-TrailersManufacture Of Television And Radio Transmitters And Apparatus For Line Telephony And Line Telegraphy
Cutting, Shaping And Finishing Of StoneManufacture Of Other Chemical Products N.E.C.
Casting Of SteelManufacture Of Plastics In Primary Forms
Manufacture Of Hollow GlassManufacture Of Parts And Accessories For Motor Vehicles And Their Engines
Manufacture Of Ceramic Tiles And FlagsManufacture Of Perfumes And Toilet Preparations
Manufacture Of Basic Iron And Steel And Of Ferro-Alloys (Ecsc)20)Manufacture Of Electronic Valves, Tubes And Other Electronic Components
Manufacture Of Ice CreamManufacture Of Television And Radio Receivers, Sound Or Video Recording Or Reproducing Apparatus And Associated Goods
Treatment And Coating Of MetalsManufacture Of Fruit And Vegetable Juice
Manufacture Of Ready-Mixed ConcreteManufacture Of Other Non-Metallic Mineral Products N.E.C.
Finishing Of TextilesManufacture Of Homogenized Food Preparations And Dietetic Food
Production Of Ethyl Alcohol From Fermented MaterialsManufacture Of Beer
Manufacture Of Cocoa; Chocolate And Sugar ConfectioneryOther Manufacturing N.E.C.
Manufacture Of TextilesOther Publishing
Sawmilling And Planing Of Wood; Impregnation Of WoodManufacture Of Concrete Products For Construction Purposes
Processing And Preserving Of Fruit And Vegetables N.E.C.Manufacture Of Chemicals And Chemical Products
Manufacture Of Office MachineryBuilding And Repairing Of Pleasure And Sporting Boats
Manufacture Of Other FurnitureManufacture Of Other Outerwear
Manufacture Of Aircraft And SpacecraftManufacture Of Furniture; Manufacturing N.E.C.
Manufacture Of Lifting And Handling EquipmentManufacture Of Other Products Of Wood
Building And Repairing Of ShipsProcessing And Preserving Of Fish And Fish Products
Manufacture Of Electricity Distribution And Control ApparatusManufacture Of Lighting Equipment And Electric Lamps
Manufacture Of Tanks, Reservoirs And Containers Of MetalManufacture Of Other Rubber Products
Manufacture Of CementOperation Of Dairies And Cheese Making
Manufacture Of Instruments And Appliances For Measuring, Checking, Testing, Navigating And Other Purposes, Except Industrial Process ControlManufacture Of Bread; Manufacture Of Fresh Pastry Goods And Cakes
Publishing, Printing And Reproduction Of Recorded MediaManufacture Of Other Electrical Equipment N.E.C.
Manufacture Of Knitted And Crocheted FabricsManufacture Of Machinery For Food, Beverage And Tobacco Processing
Manufacture Of Electrical Machinery And Apparatus N.E.C.Recycling Of Metal Waste And Scrap
Manufacture Of Other Special Purpose Machinery N.E.C.Manufacture Of Other Office And Shop Furniture
Manufacture Of Prepared Pet FoodsPublishing Of Journals And Periodicals
Manufacture Of BicyclesManufacture Of Distilled Potable Alcoholic Beverages
Manufacture Of Agricultural TractorsManufacture Of Grain Mill Products
General Mechanical EngineeringManufacture Of Motor Vehicles
Printing N.E.C.Manufacture Of Builders' Carpentry And Joinery
Manufacture Of Bricks, Tiles And Construction Products, In Baked ClayManufacture Of Computers And Other Information Processing Equipment
Manufacture Of Rubber Tyres And TubesManufacture Of Wooden Containers
Manufacture Of ToolsManufacture Of Plastic Packing Goods
Manufacture Of Wood, Products Of Wood And Cork, Except FurnitureManufacture Of Corrugated Paper And Paperboard And Of Containers Of Paper And Paperboard
Manufacture Of Basic MetalsManufacture Of Sports Goods
Manufacture Of Other Fabricated Metal Products N.E.C.Manufacture Of Locks And Hinges
Manufacture Of Machinery For Mining, Quarrying And ConstructionRecycling Of Non-Metal Waste And Scrap
Manufacture Of Engines And Turbines, Except Aircraft, Vehicle And Cycle EnginesProduction Of Mineral Waters And Soft Drinks
Manufacture Of Jewellery And Related Articles N.E.C.Manufacture Of Paints, Varnishes And Similar Coatings, Printing Ink And Mastics
Manufacture Of Soap And Detergents, Cleaning And Polishing PreparationsManufacture Of Other Wearing Apparel And Accessories N.E.C.
Manufacture Of Other Agricultural And Forestry MachineryProcessing Of Tea And Coffee
Production Of Meat And Poultrymeat ProductsManufacture Of Machine-Tools
Manufacture Of Carpets And RugsManufacture Of Games And Toys
Publishing Of NewspapersReproduction Of Sound Recording
Manufacture Of Industrial Process Control EquipmentTanning And Dressing Of Leather; Manufacture Of Luggage, Handbags
Manufacture Of Musical InstrumentsBookbinding And Finishing
Reproduction Of Computer MediaManufacture Of Prepared Feeds For Farm Animals
Manufacture Of FootwearManufacture Of Other Articles Of Paper And Paperboard N.E.C.
Manufacture Of Refined Oils And FatsManufacture Of Plastic Plates, Sheets, Tubes And Profiles
Manufacture Of Other Kitchen FurnitureProduction And Preserving Of Poultrymeat
Manufacture Of Non-Domestic Cooling And Ventilation EquipmentManufacture Of Other Food Products N.E.C.
Manufacture Of Fertilizers And Nitrogen CompoundsManufacture Of Central Heating Radiators And Boilers
Manufacture Of Other General Purpose Machinery N.E.C.Manufacture Of Metal Structures And Parts Of Structures
Reproduction Of Video RecordingManufacture Of Builders' Ware Of Plastic
Manufacture And Processing Of Other Glass, Including Technical Glassware