Top Irish Companies - Motion Picture Projection

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Motion Picture Projection
Style City Limited
Dublin 2
Showtime Cinemas (Ashbourne) Limited
Dublin 1
Omniplex (Cork) Limited
Dublin, D06 X4f4
Irish Multiplex Cinemas Limited
Co Dublin
Sawbridge Limited
Dublin, D06 X4f4
Showtime Cinemas (Limerick) Limited
Dublin 1
Cameo Cinema Limited
Co. Dublin
Delumin Limited
Ster Century (Uk) Limited
Dublin 22
Studio One Film Exhibitors Limited
Co. Kildare
Nep Ireland Limited
Dublin 2
Aurora Cinema (Ireland) Limited
Dublin 4
Irish Multiplex Cinema (Mullingar) Limited
Co. Dublin
Clontarf Cinema Limited
Co. Cavan
Dundalk Multiplex Cinemas Limited
Co. Dublin
Irish Multiplex Cinema Tallaght Limited
Dublin 9
Empire Movieplex Limited
Dublin 11
Bundoran Cineplex Limited
Co Donegal
Westport Cineplex Limited
Sterndale Holdings Limited
Dublin 2
Pambridge Limited
Dublin, D06 X4f4
Limerick Omniplex Limited
Dublin, D06 X4f4
Cork New Life Media
Classic Movieplex Limited
Park Cinema Clonakilty Limited
Co. Cork
Finglas Films Limited
Dublin 15
Movies@Galway Limited
Dublin 2
Digital Smart Home Limited
Dublin 18
Inchicore Cinema Limited
Dublin 2
Moray Properties Limited
Dublin 2
Sundance Cinema Holdings Limited
Co. Dublin
Cinemax Bantry Limited
Co. Cork
Brown Bread Films Limited
Assembly Studios Limited
Dublin 2
4 Stories Entertainment Limited
Co. Dublin
Green Kidz Inc Limited
Dublin 3