Business Set Ups

Below is a list of new Business Set Ups.

Business Name Partial Address Industry

23rd of February, 2017

42crunch Co. Dublin A98 Cv48 Computers
Abbey Tavern Co. Tipperary Hospitality
Abbeyshrule Handyman Services Co. Longford, N39 Ea40 Construction
Ace Gas Systems Co. Cork Construction
Adman Sheds Co. Wexford Construction
Adman Steel Sheds Co. Wexford Construction
Aisling Browne Life Coaching Co. Kildare, R56 X672 Community Service
Amplify Ireland Co. Kildare W23 H9f7 Community Service
Avenue Butchery Services Co. Louth Trade and Retail
Book Keeping Dublin 22, D22 K0e0 Legal and Other Business Activities
Brewer and Partners Dublin 4, D04 E0v9 Legal and Other Business Activities
Castle4 Electrical Co. Leitrim Construction
Catwalk Promotions & Events Co. Galway Community Service
Customer Care Insights Co. Cork P36 Th50 Computers
Cyber Risk Aware Dublin 2 Transport
Dangan Properties Galway, H91 X0yk Construction
Dar Car Buying and Selling Co. Tipperary E91 N668 Motor
Design & Consult Dublin 11, D11 P2p2 Community Service
Docxpress Co. Dublin D24 Ry89 Transport
Donegal Placenta Specialist Co. Donegal Community Service
Dublin Smartphone Film Festival Dublin 14, D14 Xy59 Community Service
Eeli Mindset Cork T12 Wvp7 Community Service
Examhack Dublin 9, D09 P2k0 Education
Fitzpatricks Plant and Tool Hire Co. Mayo Leasing
Garden Zone Co. Dublin D24 Vye0 Trade and Retail
Get Furnished Galway Trade and Retail
Gps Co Wicklow Trade and Retail
Hytech Energy Solutions Rac Dublin 12, D12 A6k5 Construction
Jack Sparrow Car Sales & Delivery Co. Kerry V93 D9k5 Transport
Lancaster Farm Co. Wexford Agriculture
Laser Therapy Healing Co. Dublin, K67 P403 Health
Laura Jane Adult Boutique Galway, H91 Rd45 Trade and Retail
Ld's Lashes Wicklow, A67 Yd36 Community Service
Lisduff Farms Co. Cork Agriculture
Marco Gas & Electric Heating Systems Co. Cork, T34 Pw89 Construction
Meditation and Mantra Dublin 12, D12 W6f9 Community Service
North Kildare Counselling Co. Kildare, W23 X0t6 Health
Ocean Crew Cork Trade and Retail
Petbook Co. Dublin, D22 Dk06 Computers
Rainbow Dry Cleaners Co. Kildare Community Service
Raven Studio Galway Community Service
Reality Renovations Galway Unknown
Red Rooster Coffee Co. Sligo, F91 Fk88 Manufacturing
Renew Eco Car Valeting Services Dublin 24 D24 N7y8 Motor
Resolute Delivery Service Kilkenny, R95 Hdk4 Transport
Robusta Health Co. Sligo, F91 Fk88 Manufacturing
Safari Foods Co Kildare Trade and Retail
Sandra's Cake House Co. Galway, H91 N5dp Hospitality
Sanfang Global Expertise Consulting Cork, T23 X293 Legal and Other Business Activities
Seb Advanced Solutions Co. Dublin, K78 V7a1 Community Service
Shoot For the Moon Co. Longford, N39 E4e2 Community Service
Siopa Na Ndunaibh Co Donegal Trade and Retail
Strive At Home Galway, H91 Ft20 Health
Thb Services Co. Cork P31 Tx32 Community Service
Uniqueness Dublin 24 D24 Hnp7 Community Service
University Hospital Radiology Group Cork Health
Ventosa V Wicklow, A67 Fr53 Legal and Other Business Activities
Walsh Engineering Co. Louth Construction
Yacoai Co. Louth A92 Kxc0 Community Service
Zoom Boom Kids County Cavan Education

22nd of February, 2017

Aablinds Cork Manufacturing
Angular Enterprise Consulting Dublin 11, D11 K799 Legal and Other Business Activities
Anomlinks Mobile Valeting & Auto Mechanics Co Clare Unknown
Ausar Geophysical Co. Dublin A96 F242 Legal and Other Business Activities
Ayakhi Wexford, Y35 D2t9 Computers
Beauty Secrets Dublin 8 D08 A628 Health
Benny the Handyman Co. Offaly, N37 Ep46 Construction
Black Twist Cork Manufacturing
Carana Kitchen Design Co. Kilkenny E41 X5d0 Manufacturing
Carlow Pigeon Supplies Carlow Trade and Retail
Cornerstone Media Co. Westmeath, N37 W7r9 Legal and Other Business Activities
Costello Garden Contractors Co. Wicklow, A98 De44 Community Service
Cph Co Cork Unknown
Dubliner50/Rob71 Dublin 15, D15 Pw3v Community Service
Earth Prime Co. Louth Computers
Ecohouse Construction Co Kildare Construction
Enhance Learning For All Co Galway Unknown
Finecut Woodworks Co. Dublin, K67 Px32 Construction
Fitness Equipment Ireland Dublin 13 D13 Y225 Trade and Retail
Garden Magic Dublin 12, D12 Xav8 Community Service
Grealish Block & Stone Co. Galway, H91 A8dv Construction
Irish Craft Brews Co. Dublin, A96 Yp20 Legal and Other Business Activities
Irish Horse Service Co. Kildare Community Service
Jenuine Articles Co. Offaly, R32 Et88 Community Service
John Lynch Electrical Co. Kerry Construction
Johny Woodpecker Furniture Co Offaly Unknown
Juliet Morrow Makeup Dublin 15 Community Service
Lambay Cleaning Services Co. Meath Community Service
Maria Hughes Co. Mayo, F12 K853 Health
Marinela's Beauty Saloon Longford N39 V5y2 Community Service
Mc Sales Co. Cork, P81xn79 Motor
McIntyre Property Consultants Dublin 24, D24 Rd8h Leasing
Moy Archery Co. Mayo, F26 N5c0 Community Service
Mucky Mutts County Dublin Community Service
Myphone Dublin 2, D02 A342 Trade and Retail
Myrepair Dublin 2, D02 A342 Trade and Retail
New Golden Elephant Chinese Takeaway Co. Dublin, A96 Cr68 Hospitality
North and South Group Co. Kildare Construction
O'Donovans Off Licence Co. Cork T45 Yx48 Trade and Retail
O'Dubhda Clan Co Meath Unknown
O'Grady Undertakers Co Limerick Community Service
Obnoxious Balloons Dublin 13, D13 K3c5 Community Service
Onetec Co. Kildare Construction
Ozone Tech Co. Dublin, K45 Hd37 Community Service
P.R. Plastering Co. Wexford, Y34 H042 Construction
Park Medical Centre Co. Kerry V93 Cv0f Health
Pedal Notes Music Education Dublin 4 D04 T226 Education
Pricewaterhousecoopers Dublin 1 Legal and Other Business Activities
Project Dollhouse Dublin 22, D22 F599 Trade and Retail
Roofdoctordublin Co. Wicklow Construction
Serene Hair Salon Co Tipperary Community Service
Source Security Dublin 15, D15 Ndk4 Community Service
The Grease Monkey Co Louth Unknown
Trojaness Co. Limerick Legal and Other Business Activities
Tullow Street Pharmacy Co. Laois Trade and Retail
West Cork Stove Fitters Co. Cork P47 X504 Community Service
Womens Inspire Network Co. Wexford, Y35av29 Community Service
Wooden Wonderland Co. Westmeath Manufacturing
Yogi Life Co Dublin Community Service
Ze Frog Maister Co Kildare Trade and Retail

21st of February, 2017

4till6 Wedding & Corporate Entertainment Dublin 24, D24 F85t Community Service
A P Farms Co. Cavan Agriculture
Abacus Accounting Co. Louth A91 Y60v Legal and Other Business Activities
Aidan Johnston Coach Hire Co. Tipperary Transport
Alexander Hunt Dublin 4, D04 E085 Legal and Other Business Activities
Apex Fitness Supplies Co. Louth, A91 Y1r0 Trade and Retail
Babylon Waterford, X91 Rx52 Hospitality
Beechwood Farm Partnership Co. Tipperary Agriculture
Bernard Chanliau & Associates Co. Dublin Education
Bernow Co. Louth Community Service
Bookhob Dublin 12, D12 E1w4 Transport
Charming Lady Co. Wicklow, A63 Tw50 Community Service
Chopped Dublin 24 Hospitality
Cochlear Private Clinic Co Dublin Health
Colm Quinn Carpentry Services Co. Tipperary Construction
Confi-Shred Co. Kildare Service Supply
D:Visual Communications Co. Kilkenny X91 X9wx Legal and Other Business Activities
Doonbeg Cheese Co. Clare Hospitality
Drive & View Co. Offaly R35 C4e8 Legal and Other Business Activities
Emergency Services Dublin 2, D02 Xp30 Transport
First Craic Coffee Co. Cork Hospitality
Flanagan Transport Co. Tipperary Transport
Friends of Saint Oliver's Community Hospital Co. Louth A91 P6x3 Health
Gmc Plastering Dublin 2, D02 Nv22 Construction
Hung Wun Dublin 15 Hospitality
Ij Renovation and Tailing Service Co. Kildare W12 Vh35 Construction
Instant Solutions Dublin 14, D14 P2n9 Trade and Retail
Institute of Wellbeing and Recovery Cork Education
Interdec Ireland Co. Tipperary, E91 F6c0 Education
Irish Drug Free Powerlifting Federation Co. Tipperary Community Service
Isa Vehicle Buying and Selling Co. Tipperary E91 Cv40 Motor
Jasmin Ghoul Coaching Dublin 4 Legal and Other Business Activities
Jimmy's Takeaway Portlaw Co. Waterford Trade and Retail
Jym Fit Co. Kildare Community Service
Karve Waterford, X91 Eh9v Legal and Other Business Activities
Kingstons Bar Co. Kerry Hospitality
Leanne Doyle Dublin 12 Unknown
MD Paints Dublin 24, D24 C7w9 Community Service
No More Wrinkles Co. Wexford, Y34 X202 Health
Oliver Douglas Co. Tipperary Trade and Retail
Osteoporosis Clinic Ireland Dublin 9, D09 Nw81 Health
Pawprints Dog Grooming Co Wexford Community Service
Premier Padel Dublin 14, D14 Er25 Community Service
Propagate Co. Dublin A94 N6v9 Community Service
Rebel Rebel Coffee Co. Cork P31 Yy90 Hospitality
Romina Tailoring Services Dublin18 Community Service
Royal Designer Carlow Unknown
Saba To Go Co Dublin Unknown
Serveze Dublin 8 D08 T6w0 Community Service
Sign on Time Co. Wicklow A98 Aw28 Manufacturing
Smartwheels Co. Cork, P72 V381 Motor
Solution Rack Dublin 12, D12 E1w4 Computers
Spice Cottage Co. Dublin A96 Df82 Hospitality
The Barber Chair Factory Co. Laois R32 Pd82 Trade and Retail
The Energy Bowl Co. Laoise Education
The Galway Bowen Therapy Clinic Co. Galway H62 Tx40 Health
Tipperary Counselling Service Co. Tipperary E41 X018 Health
Traxbo Co. Wicklow A98 Pk81 Transport
Waterford Crane Hire Waterford Leasing
Website Design Dublin Co. Dublin D13 R960 Transport
West End Service Station Co. Limerick Trade and Retail
Zahid Consultants Co Cork Community Service

20th of February, 2017

1977 Productions Co. Wicklow Community Service
27 Angels Dublin 24 Trade and Retail
50 Shades Greener Co. Clare Community Service
A - Beauty & Skincare Dublin 15 Community Service
A.K.O.E All Kinds of Everything in Aid of Ruff Diamonds Rehoming Co. Kerry Trade and Retail
A1 4x4 Centre Co. Longford Motor
Adare Creative Craft Centre Co Limerick Manufacturing
Aea Energy Co. Westmeath Construction
Aez Electronics Co. Dublin Trade and Retail
Alison Maguire Childcare Co. Meath Health
All Time Cosy Homes Co. Cork Construction
Alphabet Studios Dublin 16, D16 Hx03 Community Service
Anna Shinnors Dramatherapy Co. Kildare Health
Anne McLoone Design Co. Donegal, F94 X0v3 Community Service
Anne O'Connell Solicitors Dublin 16 D16 Nx76 Legal and Other Business Activities
Ap Services Co. Waterford X91 Y6c7 Trade and Retail
Apollo Co. Kildare Construction
Art From India Dublin 15 Community Service
Asian Artisan Dumplings Co. Wicklow A98 Y977 Community Service
Asian Artisan Food Co. Wicklow A98 Y977 Community Service
Asian Artisan Wontons Co. Wicklow A98 Y977 Community Service
Aster Counselling and Psychotherapy Co. Kildare, W23 K6w3 Health
Autocams Direct Co. Donegal Motor
B.E Health Aware Dublin 15 Unknown
Barmon Management Company Co. Sligo Real estate
Bayes & Becker Co. Dublin, A94 Ya03 Legal and Other Business Activities
Belmont Firewood Co. Wicklow A98 Y8d5 Trade and Retail
Ben & Conor Lynn Co. Longford Agriculture
Beola Aesthetic Clinic Co. Donegal Health
Bird's Thai Massage Dublin 6 Community Service
Blue Fitness Cork Community Service
Blustream Co. Galway Community Service
Body Talk Holistic Health and Wellbeing Co Kilkenny Unknown
Bodymindbalance Co. Dublin Health
Brain Freeze Co. Meath Community Service
Braudstone Valeting and Car Wash Dublin 12 Motor
Brehenyautoworks Co. Sligo Motor
Bricí Spraoi Co. Galway Education
Bryan Quilter Co. Kerry V92 Cy60 Community Service
Buckley Construction Co. Cork Construction
Buckley Cosy Homes Co. Cork Construction
Buckley Developments Co Cork Construction
Buckley Group Co. Cork Construction
Buckley Insulation Co. Cork Construction
Bunsen Cork Hospitality
Byrne's Cleaning & Maintenance Limerick Community Service
C&M Cleaning Contracts Co. Monaghan Community Service
Casa Anina Co Dublin Trade and Retail
Cavan Physiotherapy Clinic Cavan Health
Cavan's Cakes Co. Galway Manufacturing
Celtic Oak Co Cork Manufacturing
Certas Energy Aviation Co Laois Unknown
Children, Teens and Youth (Cty) Club Dublin 15 Community Service
Click Start Co. Waterford Computers
Cloughjordan Eco-School of English Co. Clare Education
Collegefm Dublin 12 Education
Connected Health Co. Donegal Health
Conor Duffy Electrical Co Meath Construction
Conor Duffy Electrical Co. Meath Construction
Corkcafesupplies Co. Cork Trade and Retail
Cre8ivewood Co. Galway Construction
Creative Direction Performance Academy Dublin 12, D12 R8c9 Community Service
Crk Scoreboard Co. Westmeath Community Service
Croí Álainn Holistic Clinic Co. Galway, H54 Fx61 Community Service
Cullen Sandblasting Co. Meath Motor
D16 Dental Dublin 16 Unknown
Deking Procurement and Logistics Dublin 15 Community Service
Delish, the Cafe Kitchen Cavan Community Service
Denis & Colin Cronin Plant Hire Co. Cork, P61 Pd93 Construction
Dentmaster P.D.R. Co Galway Motor
Denzille Cinema Dublin 2 Unknown
Dingle Chocolates Co. Kerry Manufacturing
Dominik Brzeski.Com Dublin 9, D09 P2r0 Legal and Other Business Activities
Drilling Supplies Europe Co. Louth Construction
Drilling Supplies Ireland Co. Louth Construction
Drogheda Upholstery Service Co. Louth Trade and Retail
Dublin Doula Care Co. Dublin Community Service
Dublin Kids Co.Meath Computers
Dublin Weddings Co. Westmeath Community Service
Eastholme Farm Partnership Co. Laois R32 A8x5 Agriculture
Eci Natural Health Dublin 14, D14 W1w6 Health
Eddei Co. Tipperary, E91 Yp94 Community Service
Ele Ireland Dublin 2, D02 R292 Education
Elgin Construction Services Co. Kildare Construction
Enoteca Torino Dublin 8 Hospitality
Eugdpr Training Dublin 14 Community Service
Event Video Co. Dublin Legal and Other Business Activities
Expression Coffee Dublin 10, D10 Yd73 Hospitality
Ez Heat Co. Kerry V92 E894 Trade and Retail
Falvetech Co. Cork Legal and Other Business Activities
Family Cover Dublin 14, D14 Kh92 Financial
Fastlane Co. Louth Trade and Retail
Fc Services Co. Wicklow Legal and Other Business Activities
Feather Lite Fitness Co. Cork P24 E897 Health
Fexco Energy Co. Kerry Community Service
Fff Co Dublin Unknown
Fine Fechin Food Co. Louth Manufacturing
Flanagan Fittings Co Dublin Unknown
Frank Flanagans Co Dublin Unknown
G L Autos Co Mayo Motor
Gambit Custom Airsoft Waterford, X91 Trk6 Community Service
Gateway To Uisneach Co Westmeath Unknown
Gh Counselling & Consultancy County Offaly Health
Glda Dublin 6 Legal and Other Business Activities
Glenair Dublin 2 Unknown
Glitter & Grá Galway Community Service
Globeez Co. Sligo Community Service
Glynn Accounting Services Co. Galway Legal and Other Business Activities
Goldirocks Cork Community Service
Gpc Construction Co. Mayo Construction
Gps Test Routes Ireland Dublin 14 Community Service
Gray Design Studios Dublin 3, D03 V625 Legal and Other Business Activities
Hab Partnership Co. Longford Trade and Retail
Hair Zone Cork Unknown
Hairmart Co. Mayo Community Service
Harper's Hats Co. Kilkenny X91 X38w Community Service
Hemen Barbers Co. Sligo Community Service
Hidden Trails Co. Kilkenny Community Service
Hourihane Timber Flooring Co. Cork Construction
Howth Dog Dublin 15 Hospitality
Hughes Training and Education - First Aid, Cpr/Heartsaver Aed, Manual Handling Wexford, Y35 Wt34 Education
I Want I Love Co. Kildare Trade and Retail
I-Agri Co. Kildare W91 Aw20 Agriculture
Ibp Co. Dublin, K78 Ny06 Real estate
Ico Services Co. Roscommon N37 C7d4 Community Service
Idunn Naturals Co. Dublin Community Service
Imobiles Co. Leitrim, F91 Ak37 Computers
Infinit Dublin 18 D18 Ew64 Community Service
International Students' Hub (Ireland) Co. Dublin A96 X450 Education
Ireland Live Consultancy Co. Westmeath Legal and Other Business Activities
Irish Cottage Guest Accommodation Co. Kerry Hospitality
Irish Fine Craft Co. Mayo Manufacturing
Irish Power Co. Mayo Construction
Ivy Tower Hotel Co. Mayo Hospitality
J&J Construction Co. Wicklow Construction
James Henderson & Son Donegal, F94 X7wh Trade and Retail
Jd Electrical Co. Dublin, A96 V0v8 Construction
Jewelbulu Co. Kildare Trade and Retail
Jewellery and Deco Online Dublin 2, D02rk25 Trade and Retail
John O'Sullivan Co. Cork Agriculture
Joyce Country Sheepdogs Galway Community Service
Just Moments Dublin 12 Education
K & K Attic Conversions Co. Louth Construction
Kadosarok Co. Louth Trade and Retail
Kalculate Co. Cork Legal and Other Business Activities
Kavanagh Metal Recycling Co Waterford Unknown
Kavanagh's Garage Co. Wexford Community Service
Kbm Roofing Specialists Co Louth Construction
Kdk Gadgets and Gifts Co. Offaly Trade and Retail
Kettles Collective Co. Kildare Trade and Retail
Kg Tape Tech Co. Tipperary Community Service
Kidz Fun Palace Dublin 16 Community Service
Killarney Art Gallery Co Kerry Community Service
Klc Plastering Co. Louth, A92 P9x7 Construction
Knitted Keepsakes Co. Dublin Community Service
Kuche Colore Co. Donegal Community Service
La Fiesta Donegal Hospitality
Larinde Enterprise Co. Laois Community Service
Latte Da Cavan Hospitality
Leinster Home Renevations Co. Meath Construction
Love Hurts Dublin 22, D22 Y984 Manufacturing
Lynch's B & B Co. Clare Hospitality
Magic Repair Co. Offaly, N37 R2d0 Trade and Retail
Magnetic Nail Academy - Cork Co. Cork P51 W96k Community Service
Make Media Dublin 8 Computers
Make-Up By Joey K Co. Longford Community Service
Mammydaddyme Co. Roscommon Trade and Retail
Marcel Vidal Wicklow Community Service
Mark Lawless - Munster Tool Wicklow, A67 Hx74 Trade and Retail
Matts Motors Dublin 10, D10 Nx96 Community Service
McNamee Paving and Building Works Cavan Community Service
Mdl Financial Consultants Cavan H12 T250 Financial
Medtest Ireland Co. Kilkenny Legal and Other Business Activities
Merlo Finance Dublin 1 Leasing
Michael Meade Painting & Decorating Co. Louth Construction
Midland Shotblasting Co. Westmeath Community Service
Midland Vulcanising Co. Offaly, R35 Nv09 Mining
Midleton Tile & Bathroom Centre Co Cork Trade and Retail
Mjtcoaching Dublin 18 Community Service
Mollys Co. Roscommon Hospitality
Moss Gannon & Co Co Westmeath Legal and Other Business Activities
Mother Tongues Dublin 8 Legal and Other Business Activities
Motzartco Galway, H91 Vf88 Community Service
Nana Zoe's Naturals Dublin 7 Manufacturing
Nano H2 Co. Galway H91 D45v Community Service
National Dance Festival of Ireland Co. Wexford Community Service
National Union of Security Employers Co. Dublin A94 Tk64 Community Service
Navan Parking Services Dublin 1 Legal and Other Business Activities
Ndb Co. Dublin Legal and Other Business Activities
New Shapla Indian Restaurant Carlow Unknown
Nine Arches Co. Longford Hospitality
Nta & Co Co Limerick Community Service
Nuns' Lane Studio Dublin 5 Legal and Other Business Activities
Nuse Co. Dublin A94 Tk64 Community Service
Nutri Advanced Co. Cork Trade and Retail
O'Loughlins Bar Carlow, R93 R221 Trade and Retail
Office Fruit Co. Dublin Trade and Retail
Olga's Bakery Co. Offaly Hospitality
Olio Dublin 24 Hospitality
On Fleek Beauty Co. Kildare Community Service
Onecall Co. Cork Construction
Oneinsurance Co. Limerick Financial
Orawfitness Co. Galway H53 Y8c4 Community Service
Orchard Fostering Co Kildare, W23 T2xe Unknown
Palmar Carpentry Co Cavan Construction
Panda Records Co. Tipperary Trade and Retail
Peak Agencies Dublin 6w Trade and Retail
Perform Better Nutrition Dublin 16 Community Service
Performance Horse International Co. Kerry Agriculture
Personal Defence Tactics (P.D.T.) Waterford City Unknown
Perspective Solutions Co. Louth Community Service
Pill-Plug Co. Donegal Health
Pimbrook Software Dublin 9 Computers
Pitchcare Ireland Co. Dublin Community Service
Pizza Point Co. Cavan Hospitality
Plant Culture Co. Laois Community Service
Plm Motors Co. Kildare, W91 Ny28 Motor
Pmc Co Kildare, W23 C840 Construction
Powerful Energy Wexford Community Service
Powerwise Electrical Co. Kildare Construction
Printsky Co. Offaly, R45 Yr65 Manufacturing
Prosign Co. Sligo Community Service
Proudstown Pigeon Supplies Co. Meath Agriculture
Puissance Online Dublin 14, D14 Wv61 Health
Pure Pet Products Dublin 2 Trade and Retail
Quickminutes Cork, T23 W6k3 Computers
Quilters Co. Kerry V92 Cy60 Community Service
R.D.M. Consulting Co. Kilkenny Health
Rainbow Floral and Party Supplies County Donegal Trade and Retail
Raymonds Co. Cork, P25 Tn20 Hospitality
Re:Garden Co. Cork Community Service
Realli Dublin 1 Real estate
Recalibrate Sligo Co. Sligo F91px28 Health
Renegade Designs Dublin 15 Community Service
Renohome Contractors Co. Wicklow Construction
Rental Property Tax Returns Co. Laois R32 Tkv0 Legal and Other Business Activities
Retail Excellence Co. Clare V95 Tk5r Community Service
Revive Pilates Dublin 15 Community Service
Richardsons Cork Co. Cork Trade and Retail
Ring Lyne Co Kerry Community Service
Riordan Partnership Co. Waterford Agriculture
Rogers Architectural Photography Co. Dublin, A94 Er20 Community Service
Rollncode Lp Dublin 2 Unknown
Rose Chinese Restaurant & Takeaway Co. Sligo, F91 Nc80 Hospitality
S a Cleaning & Maintenance Limerick Community Service
S&L Dublin 12, D12 R2t6 Community Service
Schoolfm Dublin 12 Education
Scr Clinic Dublin 8 Unknown
Seven Stars Takeaway Co. Wexford Community Service
Sheehans Bar Co. Cork Community Service
Shoptimality Co. Meath A84 T854 Computers
Sigma Data Consulting Co. Cork Computers
Slampi Co. Tipperary E41 R232 Motor
Small Business Tax Returns Co. Laois R32 Tkv0 Legal and Other Business Activities
Smart Cut Barber Co. Limerick Community Service
Smart Parts Dublin 7 Trade and Retail
Smartalert Co. Cork P25 Ve09 Computers
Solventure Dublin 12 Unknown
Some Disassembly Required Co. Cork Community Service
Spar Drimnagh Dublin 12, D12 K7fp Trade and Retail
Spec Check Sligo Construction
Sport Ireland Co Cork Community Service
Sportworks Co. Dublin Community Service
Srfdesign Co. Wicklow, A63 Xw20 Community Service
Start Your Own Business Today Dublin 2 Computers
Stationerydirect.Ie Co. Clare Trade and Retail
Stoneseal Dublin 17 D17 Vn12 Community Service
Stripireland Dublin 1 Unknown
Sub Only Dublin 15, D15 N8ke Trade and Retail
Sugard Trading Co Limerick Unknown
Sumiq International Co. Dublin Trade and Retail
Sylwia Gawlik Limerick Education
Talent Resourcing Co. Louth A92 Afn5 Legal and Other Business Activities
Tector Menswear Dublin 6 Unknown
Thaima Asian Cuisine Co. Dublin K67 Ay18 Community Service
The Art Flag Galway Education
The Beauty Boutique Co Kerry Unknown
The Cinnamon Fiend Co. Tipperary Hospitality
The Clothes Lion Dublin 6, D06 V8f1 Trade and Retail
The Coven Galway Community Service
The Field Co Laois Community Service
The Kilminchy Property Partnership Co. Laois, R32 R7d5 Leasing
The Lock Shop Waterford Community Service
The New Swan Co. Wexford Hospitality
The Picture House Co Kerry Community Service
The Props Library Co Dublin Trade and Retail
The Right Half Dublin 2 Legal and Other Business Activities
The Safety Man Co. Donegal Community Service
Timeless Marketing Dublin 24 D24 Hv0h Trade and Retail
Tiny Tots Dublin 18 Health
Tippi Jewellery Co. Meath C15 R2kv Community Service
Trinity Medical Co.Kildare Trade and Retail
Troy Plant Hire Co. Clare, V15 Y166 Community Service
Trusted People Dublin 2 Unknown
Turbine Co. Cavan H16 Rx43 Service Supply
Unbeatable Bmws Dublin 12 Motor
Vajdec External Wall Insulation Dublin 22, D22 Y7p3 Construction
Virtual4media Co. Meath A92 P9k4 Legal and Other Business Activities
Voltswagen Co. Mayo Motor
Voltswagon Co. Mayo Motor
Warranty Services Ireland Co. Mayo Legal and Other Business Activities
Waterlogic Ireland Dublin 12 Construction
West Cork Casting Studio Co. Cork P47 Ea22 Community Service
West Cork Tuning Co. Cork Motor
Western Fodder Co. Galway Agriculture
Wild Things Wed Dublin 3 Legal and Other Business Activities
Will-Fix Dublin 17, D17 Y028 Construction
Wiz Kids Co. Dublin K56 D761 Education
Woknaheeny Cork, T12 Y1t6 Hospitality
Woodpro Co. Kildare Construction
Wordwave Media Co. Waterford Transport
Wsm Supplies Co. Meath Construction
Wudang Ireland Dublin 24 Community Service
Your Money Back Co. Laois Legal and Other Business Activities
Youth Work Ireland Cavan Monaghan Co. Monaghan Education
Yujie It Consultancy and Solutions Co. Westmeath N37 A527 Computers
Zam Zam Kebab House Wexford, Y35 Pn47 Hospitality

17th of February, 2017

Abbey Wreaths Co. Mayo Community Service
Agift Dublin 18 Trade and Retail
Alpha Sud Co. Cork Motor
Beacon Eye Specialists Dublin 18 D18 T8p3 Health
Digital Marketing Partner Dublin 18 Computers
Doc's Buddy Co. Clare Legal and Other Business Activities
Elite Sports Nutrition Cork Health
Evolve Consulting Dublin 5 Computers
Gecko Governance Co. Louth A91 K8kt Computers
Gerard Dunne Mechanical Services Co. Waterford Motor
Hayes Pharmacy Dublin 16 Trade and Retail
Jennifer Curley Co. Meath Legal and Other Business Activities
Lifelong Learning Co. Wicklow Education
Naas Panthers Gymnastics Academy Co Kildare Community Service
Piers Ray Co. Cavan Health
Riu Plaza the Gresham Dublin Dublin, D01 C3w7 Hospitality
River Side Co. Dublin Hospitality
Rockfield Pharmacy Dublin 16 Trade and Retail
Studio K Co. Longford Community Service
Two Moons Co. Cork P25 Ph99 Community Service


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