Business Set Ups

Below is a list of new Business Set Ups.

Business Name Partial Address Industry

28th of March, 2017

A To B Cabs Co. Cork Transport
Air Relax Co. Cork Trade and Retail
Albaraka Groceries Co. Dublin Trade and Retail
Ama Recovery and Transportation Co. Dublin, K32 Cd90 Transport
Ana Cleaning Co. Galway Community Service
Angel Talk County Kildare Community Service
Aon Photo Dublin 24 D24 R9aw Community Service
Aqua-Dock Ireland Co. Sligo Community Service
Aran Woollen Store Co. Galway Trade and Retail
Aspire Academy Co. Louth Education
B - Zee Trons Co. Louth, A91 W1w5 Community Service
Ballyhurtin House Co. Wicklow W91 H92t Hospitality
Bangers 'N' Baps Co. Dublin Hospitality
Bark and Stride Ireland Dublin 8 Community Service
Beara Computers Co. Cork Trade and Retail
Bee's Knees Co Cork Manufacturing
Beefcake Dublin 7 Manufacturing
Beltaddiction Limerick Manufacturing
Ben Ryan Photography Dublin 22 Community Service
Billco Fabrication Co. Kildare Manufacturing
Binchy Solicitors Co. Tipperary Legal and Other Business Activities
Biokinesiology Co. Dublin A96 A620 Health
Box of Tricks Productions Co. Roscommon, F45 Y189 Community Service
Boyle Insulation Services Co. Roscommon Construction
Bradley Tractor Parts Co. Donegal Trade and Retail
Brian Halligan Motorworks Co. Longford Motor
Bridgeside Meats Co. Kilkenny Hospitality
Bua Print Co Kerry Manufacturing
Budget Damaged Repairables Co Meath Motor
Campion Construction Co. Laois Construction
Carousels Ireland Co Kerry Unknown
Casey Transport Dublin 15 D15 K4kp Transport
Catherine Corry Radiography Services Dublin 14 Community Service
Cc Training West Galway Education
China Palace Co Waterford Community Service
Clearstory Co. Dublin Computers
Clonee Farm Partnership Co. Cork Agriculture
Clonmel Islamic Community Centre Co. Tipperary, E91 D3t9 Community Service
Clutch Doctor Co. Kerry V93 D2c9 Motor
Coffee Alleyway Dublin 9 D09nh68 Trade and Retail
Confident Presenting Co. Kerry V92e0e0 Legal and Other Business Activities
Connemara Express Galway, H91 Vpd7 Transport
Conor & Philip Beausang Co. Waterford Agriculture
Construction Claims Solutions Co. Cork Community Service
Crate Co. Laois Transport
Curtain World Co. Dublin Trade and Retail
Da.Do Promotions Co. Cork Community Service
Donegal Style & Life Co. Donegal, F92 Hv2n Transport
Dooley Car Rentals Limerick V94 Kn3n Transport
Doran's Pharmacy Co Kerry Unknown
Dream Co. Wicklow, A63 Y062 Legal and Other Business Activities
Dublin Central Suites Dublin 1 Hospitality
E-Lam Co. Wicklow Trade and Retail
E-Seed Co. Dublin Agriculture
Eady Window Cleaning Co. Meath Community Service
Eask View Dingle Co. Kerry Hospitality
Eileen Maude Design Galway Community Service
Epona Retreat Centre Co. Cork Community Service
Eternal Beauty Salons Limerick Community Service
Eternal Beauty Salons Limerick Community Service
Eternal Beauty Salons Limerick Community Service
Eur Digital Village Co. Cork, P51 Ck74 Computers
F W Digital Boxes Co. Roscommon, F45 Fx52 Community Service
Fearghal O'Donoghue Auto Services Co. Cork Motor
Fiku Miku Activity Club Co. Dublin Education
Flow Fitness Co. Dublin, A96 H5t8 Community Service
Forthside Agri - Food Services Co Wexford Unknown
Frankie'S Wicklow Trade and Retail
Fresh and Easy Co. Galway Trade and Retail
Fttb Consult Co. Mayo Transport
George Cooke Catering Supplies Dublin 11 Unknown
Goddscave Co. Limerick Community Service
Golden Forest Boutique Cork T23 F212 Community Service
Grade Estate Co. Wicklow Real estate
Grandparents Memories Co. Kerry Community Service
Greendm Co. Dublin Transport
Greenperiodical Co. Dublin Transport
Greenpost Co. Dublin Transport
Gregsat Dublin 15 Community Service
Grennan's Organic Farm Co. Offaly Agriculture
Halpin's Bridge Cafe Wicklow, A67 Dc43 Hospitality
Hara E-Liquids Dublin 22, D22 W329 Trade and Retail
Healing Light Energy Co. Cork Health
Herlex Cleaning Service Co Galway Legal and Other Business Activities
Hip Media Ireland Dublin 4 Transport
Hivehealth Co. Cork P12 Wn82 Trade and Retail
Hm Cakes Co. Cork Hospitality
Imperium365 Co. Dublin, A94 P2x3 Computers
Innovative Services Dublin 12 Computers
It's Grooming Time Co. Clare Community Service
J & K Store Co Westmeath Community Service
J. O'Connor Tiling Dublin 6w Construction
Jens Elite Fitness Cork Community Service
Jessopmotors Co. Westmeath Motor
Joanne Neville Co. Cork, P81 D622 Community Service
Joe Morrissey Art and And Fine Art Photography Co. Waterford Community Service
Js Courier Service Co. Monaghan Transport
Killarney Irish Whiskey Contae Chorcai Manufacturing
Kore Estates Galway H91 Kd81 Real estate
Kore Events Galway H91 Kd81 Community Service
Kore Facilities Galway H91 Kd81 Leasing
Kore Group Galway H91kd81 Real estate
Kore Management Galway H91 Kd81 Real estate
Kt Tiling County Tipperary Construction
Lioness Aerial Fitness Co. Wexford, Y25 F2c7 Community Service
Little Toppers Montessori Co. Meath Education
Love Build Co. Louth Construction
M&M Meats Co. Wexford Trade and Retail
Mahi Tandoori Cork, T23 A093 Hospitality
Mal-Tech Co. Dublin Computers
Marketing Mix Communications Wexford Community Service
McCafferty Paint and Body Repairs Co. Donegal, F94 X634 Motor
McGills Catering Supplies Dublin 11 Unknown
Meredith Farms Co Laois Agriculture
Mick Mulcahy Media Co. Cork, T12 P5wk Transport
Midland Djs Co. Longford Community Service
Miriam Richards Linings Dublin 15 D15 Pxe0 Trade and Retail
Mln Group Co. Meath, A83 Np26 Community Service
My Boy Blue Co. Kerry Hospitality
Mystic Mountain Bed and Breakfast Co. Kerry Hospitality
Nestegg Life and Pensions Cavan, H12 P403 Financial
Noelia Outfitters Co. Roscommon Trade and Retail
Nottoolate Co. Wicklow Trade and Retail
O'Brien's Hardware Dublin 1 Trade and Retail
Olimar Gifts At the Cottage Co. Offaly Trade and Retail
Paddymc Fitness Dublin 24 Community Service
Padraig Mawe & Co Solicitors Limerick Legal and Other Business Activities
Patrick & Brian Mulhall Co. Waterford Agriculture
Pfr Sport Media Co. Kildare Community Service
Phoenix Windows and Doors Tuam Road Galway Community Service
Pizza Point Co.Roscommon Hospitality
Pjt Dunne Co. Kilkenny Agriculture
Pk Enterprise Co. Roscommon Trade and Retail
Plants of Eden County Leitrim Trade and Retail
Plasterers Co. Dublin Construction
Precision Performance Dublin 18 D18 E432 Community Service
Premier Suites Leeson Street Dublin 2 Hospitality
Pyc Co. Dublin Trade and Retail
R.L.Clarke Consulting Engineers Co. Meath, C15 Cfe0 Construction
Red Hot Moon Co. Westmeath Community Service
Renewable Building Solutions Co. Kerry Construction
Resonate Hypnotherapy Co. Donegal, F94 V1f6 Health
Retro Mane Co. Kildare Community Service
Rich Sauces Dublin 6w D6w E378 Trade and Retail
Rosscon Organic Farm Co. Roscommon N37 D9p6 Agriculture
Rozana Aminova Dublin 1, D01 Kn92 Community Service
S3 Connected Health Dublin 18, D18 T9p8 Computers
S3 Semiconductor Solutions Dublin 18, D18 T9p8 Manufacturing
Scenic Coach Tours Kilkenny R95 X7p4 Community Service
Scope Rehab Healthcare Cork Health
Screen Bean Co. Dublin Transport
Sds Logistics Dublin 6w Transport
Secret Garden Flowers Co. Limerick Trade and Retail
Secure Security Co. Louth Community Service
She Means Business Co. Kildare Legal and Other Business Activities
Silence the Pump Co. Wicklow, A98 Dx63 Manufacturing
Simply Energized By Claudia Co. Waterford Community Service
Simpson Marketing Dublin 2 Legal and Other Business Activities
Sjs Fittings Dublin 9, D09 E2w2 Construction
Snap Limerick Limerick Legal and Other Business Activities
Sonas Care Centre Ard Na Greine Co. Sligo Health
Sonas Care Centre Athlone Co. Westmeath Health
Soul Healer Co. Westmeath, N91 A0e8 Community Service
South Coast Autos Co. Waterford, X35 Y596 Motor
Spiral 3d Dublin 11 Legal and Other Business Activities
Ss Phone Accessories Dublin 11, D11 Eec3 Community Service
Staff Solutions Galway Legal and Other Business Activities
Stone Builders Co. Dublin, A94 Vh68 Construction
Stucco Art Co. Roscommon F35 Yn90 Community Service
Substance Media Dublin 6, D06 N8e8 Transport
Sure Proof Dublin 18 Legal and Other Business Activities
The Galway Group Co. Galway Trade and Retail
The Galway Shop Co. Galway Trade and Retail
The Gents Cave Co. Dublin Trade and Retail
The Leader Co. Donegal, F92 Hv2n Transport
The Maritime Museum of Galway Galway Community Service
The Olive Branch Co. Cork Trade and Retail
Thomas Painting&Renovation Co. Clare, V94 9f80 Construction
Tk Kitchens Co. Wexford Manufacturing
Togher Barber Cork Community Service
Tom&JoanAA Cleaning Services Dublin 13, D13 K2c6 Community Service
Tundra Studio Galway Community Service
Twp Engineering Co. Louth A91 Wr94 Community Service
U2 Security Co. Laois Public Administration
Village Vintage Co. Meath Trade and Retail
Vl Supplies Dublin 15 Unknown
Vmc Carpentry Services Co. Cork Construction
Wag on Wheels Co. Limerick, V35 P985 Community Service
Wedding Storytellers Dublin Community Service
Westaid Dublin Dublin 22 Community Service
Wexford Youth Academy Co. Wexford Education
Zenith Hairdressing Galway Unknown

27th of March, 2017

90 Degrees Co. Limerick V35 Dp46 Trade and Retail
Airside Service Centre Co. Dublin Motor
Alan Kelly Kitchens and Bedrooms Waterford Construction
Alex Event Media Dublin 14, D14 Vf43 Community Service
All Star Fitness Co. Wexford Y35 W7p2 Community Service
All Trades Roofing & Building Co. Dublin K78 Cd60 Construction
Allen Bros Electrical Co. Cork Construction
Alpa Construction & Plastering Co. Limerick Construction
Aplus Services Cork T12 Rt26 Transport
Applecore Digital Foundry Co Louth Unknown
Applecore Technologies Co Louth Unknown
Aqua Yoga Galway Community Service
Ardcarne Garden Cafe Co Roscommon Agriculture
Baoilleach Distillery Eire Manufacturing
Beauty Threading Bar Co. Clare Community Service
Bjintegrated Dublin 11 Computers
Bmi Energy Solutions Co.Kildare Construction
Bmi Insulation Co. Kildare Construction
Bonadea Dublin 11 Community Service
Border Bargains Co.Donegal Trade and Retail
Breakfast Roll Club Dublin 2 Computers
Breffni Auto Supplies and Trailer Repairs Cavan Motor
Cappanaughton Farm Partnership Co. Galway Agriculture
Car Care Motor Co Dublin 24, D24 A335 Motor
Caragh River Lodge Co. Kerry Hospitality
Caribrew Coffee Dublin 24 Hospitality
Coco Restaurant Limerick Hospitality
Confab Co. Dublin A96 P6v2 Computers
Corcoran Creations Co. Wicklow A67 Rk16 Community Service
Cpm Ireland Dublin 6 D06 A2h1 Trade and Retail
D-Kube Zibah Co. Longford N39 Wd25 Community Service
D.S.L. Plastering Co. Cork P31 Hd21 Construction
David McMunn Co. Sligo Construction
Dempsey Farm Partnership Co Waterford Agriculture
Dental Braces Dublin 1 Health
Dental Care Ireland Castlebar Co Mayo Unknown
Dental Crown Dublin 1 Health
Dor-Tim Dublin 1 Construction
Dream Green Landscapes Co. Wicklow A98 K6v4 Construction
Eco Electrical and Property Maintenance Dublin 6w Service Supply
Econition Cork, T12 D773 Education
Ecs Accessories Co. Dublin K67 T275 Trade and Retail
Edward White Models & Scenery Co. Wexford Community Service
Egg Donation Ireland Cork, T23 N4a7 Health
F.T.G Entertainment Co Cork Unknown
Fletcher's Wild Irish Game Co. Tipperary E21 W611 Agriculture
Florin's Barber Shop Co. Roscommon Community Service
Good Health Co. Clare Health
Gormanston Sand & Gravel Co. Dublin Construction
Grazia Fashions Waterford, X91 Xvr6 Trade and Retail
Greystones Amatsu Co. Wicklow A63 Ee98 Community Service
Growme Dublin 3 Unknown
Heather Breeze Quilting Co. Mayo, F35 Hx07 Community Service
Heavenly Spice Dublin 15 Hospitality
Him At the Modern Gent Cork, T12 Xe97 Community Service
Homehub Co Wicklow Community Service
Hypno Coding Co. Cavan Health
Implants Dublin Dublin 1 Health
Imro Radio Awards Dublin 2 Community Service
Instant Qs Cork Computers
Investmentnet Dublin 3, D03 Ph99 Financial
J & R Maguire Construction Co. Kildare, W12 D953 Construction
Kali Orexi Co. Wexford, Y35 F2w1 Hospitality
Kdbeauty Dublin 10 Community Service
Kildare Auctioneers Co. Kildare Real estate
Kinesicare Co. Mayo Health
Mc2 Accountants Cork Legal and Other Business Activities
McMunn Media Advisory Services Dublin 14 Legal and Other Business Activities
Mentor Ireland Co. Cork Education
Merico.Pecori Dublin 15, D15 Fp62 Hospitality
Mmc O'Reilly Farm Partnership Co. Westmeath Agriculture
Modern Car Sales Co Kildare Motor
Monteleone Italian Wedding Atelier Co. Cork Trade and Retail
Nadabrahma Health Academy Dublin 17 Health
Nail Bar By Agata Co. Cork T45 Hx53 Community Service
Naughton & Co Accountants & Business Advisors Co. Kerry Legal and Other Business Activities
Near Zero Energy Buildings Construction Co. Roscommon Construction
North East Fire Protection Co. Louth Community Service
O Brien Haulage Co. Cork Transport
Overdenture Dublin 1 Health
Palette Knife Productions Wicklow Community Service
Pkc People Co. Tipperary, V94 Evh0 Legal and Other Business Activities
Porcelain Crown Dublin 1 Health
Power Media Cork Community Service
Printech Co Cavan Manufacturing
Privacy Ireland Dublin 6, D06 C7y2 Community Service
Privacy Ireland Dublin 6, D06 C7y2 Community Service
Prod Dublin 24 D24 Df30 Manufacturing
Qian Kee Asian Cuisine Co. Tipperary, E41 Xa34 Hospitality
Raheny Plastering and Painting Dublin 5 Construction
Redan Farm Partnership Co. Westmeath Agriculture
Remedy Roots Cork, T23 W6xp Trade and Retail
Repxce International Dublin 11 Legal and Other Business Activities
Rob of the Green Coaching Cork Education
Robcore Co Meath Legal and Other Business Activities
Rocket Online Marketing Dublin 16 D16 Rh26 Computers
Root Canal Treatment Dublin 1 Health
Roscrea Travel Co. Meath Community Service
Rosspoint Co. Kerry Hospitality
Salebuyrent Dublin 15, D15 A3c8 Computers
Shop You Co. Mayo F56 Dh02 Trade and Retail
Sing and Tonics Dublin 4 D04 Fy67 Community Service
Spinecare Ireland Dublin 1, D01 Kx02 Health
Stairlifts Access Dublin 24 D24 R77x Construction
Stori Creative Co. Cork, P81 Cc03 Legal and Other Business Activities
Sweeney Farm Partnership Co. Waterford Agriculture
Sydney Nails Dublin 6w Community Service
Tanya's Butler Barbers Co. Meath, A86 Tx93 Community Service
Team Ryano Dungarvan Co. Waterford, X35 Hw92 Community Service
Techdog Dublin 3 D03 Dp92 Trade and Retail
The Art House Co. Dublin, K36 Wc64 Trade and Retail
The Feather Touch Kate's Permanent Make Up Studio Co. Dublin Community Service
The Secret of Beauty Dublin 17 Unknown
The Tracey Agency Co. Kildare Legal and Other Business Activities
Tie Pal Cork Trade and Retail
Toast Bytes Dublin 15 Legal and Other Business Activities
Tony's Takeaway Co. Carlow Hospitality
Ultraviolet Industries Co. Waterford Legal and Other Business Activities
Unique Web Design Limerick Computers
Veener Dublin 1 Health
Wainscoting Ireland Dublin 13, D13 W9v9 Construction
Wellbeing Solutions Co. Wicklow Legal and Other Business Activities
Woof Hampers Cork Trade and Retail
Yova Desing Dublin 15 D15 F6dk Manufacturing
Yova Textiles Co Tipperary Unknown
Zen Centre Sligo, F91 V4kh Trade and Retail
Zuirco Co. Louth Legal and Other Business Activities

24th of March, 2017

123couriers Dublin 24 Transport
3 Sixty Financial Planning Dublin 13 Unknown
Addjust Co. Clare Computers
Aesnrg Fublin 12 Unknown
Agility Dublin 14 Transport
Aladdin Studio Co. Limerick Community Service
All Things Good ! Co Meath Unknown
Amri Dublin 6w Community Service
Anchor Bar Co. Waterford Hospitality
Ballybofey & Stranorlar Tidy Towns Committee Co. Donegal Community Service
Bear Retail Dublin 11 Trade and Retail
Beara Distillery Co Cork Manufacturing
Beauty Mark Co. Dublin K32 D510 Community Service
Blind Tiger Sligo Community Service
Bustle Co. Kildare W91 Fr68 Legal and Other Business Activities
Bustle Marketing Co. Kildare W91 Fr68 Legal and Other Business Activities
Carbin Interiors Monaghan, H18 R260 Construction
Career Options Co. Dublin, K56 Xh36 Education
Carrig Security Co. Limerick Construction
Cathal Dooley Chimney Repairs Co. Mayo Construction
Celino Cleaning Dublin 9 Legal and Other Business Activities
Clegg's Locksmiths Co. Meath Trade and Retail
Coco Bee Dublin 18, D18 N523 Health
Cvx Co. Cavan, A82 E085 Community Service
Decor Studios Co. Meath Construction
Dental Care Ireland Ashbourne Co Meath Unknown
Dental Care Ireland Cabinteely Dublin 18 Unknown
Dental Care Ireland Kells Co Meath Unknown
Dental Care Ireland Knocklyon Dublin 15 Unknown
Dental Care Ireland Navan Co Meath Unknown
Destindie County Tipperary Computers
Donegal Handyman Co. Donegal Community Service
Drinkware Dublin 18 Trade and Retail
Dublin Charcuterie Co. Dublin K67 Hk71 Hospitality
Dungarvan Couriers Co. Waterford X35 N922 Transport
Echo Steps Co. Kildare, W23 V0h2 Legal and Other Business Activities
Fabio Dericci Dublin 1 Trade and Retail
Facial Attraction Dublin 3, D03 X3v5 Community Service
First Class Property Clean Co. Galway, F42 F658 Community Service
Gallagher Family Partnership Co. Kildare Community Service
Giz a Laugh Dublin 22, D22 Dr13 Community Service
Glen Farm Co Wicklow Agriculture
Global Digital Foundation Dublin 4 Education
Godhand Tattoo Studio/Nail It-Nail Art Studio Dublin 11 D11 Rx57 Community Service
H & G Construction Cork Construction
Hand Made Craft Co Cork Community Service
Headstrong Apparel Co. Kildare W23 Fx01 Trade and Retail
Healthy Freaks Co. Galway H53 X2y9 Health
Inishowen Sandblasting Co. Donegal Trade and Retail
Iron Force Strength Co. Donegal Manufacturing
Isbar Patient Handover Mdt App Dublin 24 Transport
Jd Plumbing & Heating Co. Kildare W91 Ktt8 Construction
K-One Cork T12 Na72 Trade and Retail
Km Fitness Dublin 22 D22 Ef60 Community Service
Krolork Co. Dublin Computers
L and K Sweets Dublin 3 Unknown
Lajupe Co. Roscommon Community Service
Lawlor Scaffolding Co. Dublin, K36 Xy98 Construction
Lhfitness Co Longford Unknown
Lisduggan Farm Foods Co. Kilkenny Manufacturing
Lopezphotography Waterford Community Service
Ls Events Co. Louth A92 Wr6w Community Service
M.G.R. Garden Landscaping & Maintenance Co. Galway, F42 F658 Community Service
MacAri101 Naas Co Kildare Hospitality
Magicprojects Co. Cork Computers
Malick Cut Dublin 24 Unknown
Megan Conway Makeup Co. Westmeath, N37 E2t2 Community Service
Nacho Thing Co. Cork Trade and Retail
O'Herlihys Kinsale Co. Cork, P17 Ed82 Hospitality
Obc Taxation Services Cork Unknown
Ocm Accounting Services Co. Kildare, W91 C3y0 Legal and Other Business Activities
One Art Co. Wexford, Y35 P8h4 Community Service
Paul O'Brien Consulting Co. Cork, P47 Ey65 Computers
Personalised Angels Dublin 24, D24 K2kx Community Service
Pitstop Barbers Co. Laois Community Service
Process Professionals Co. Kildare W91 N7f9 Legal and Other Business Activities
Quando Pizzeria Co. Dublin Hospitality
Rak's Cosmetics Co. Westmeath N91 Tc66 Community Service
Rathkeevin Farms Co. Tipperary Agriculture
Rental Property Tax Returns Co. Kildare Legal and Other Business Activities
Rice Recovery Carlow, R93 E2f4 Transport
Rustic Co Kildare Hospitality
Rustic Pizza Co. Kildare Hospitality
S & S Creations Co Galway Unknown
Saint Sister Dublin 7, D07 K443 Community Service
Santa Holidays Co. Meath C15 Ny60 Community Service
Scruffy 2 Fluffy Co. Clare, V95 V210 Community Service
Shannontradeshop Limerick Community Service
Shiva Yoga Co. Westmeath Community Service
Slua Co. Carlow Legal and Other Business Activities
Small Business Tax Returns Co. Kildare Legal and Other Business Activities
Sportways Ireland Dublin 14, D14 Ht98 Community Service
Square 9 Co. Kildare W91 N7f9 Transport
Studio Bi Dublin 2, D02 Tf66 Legal and Other Business Activities
Sweetheart Crafts Co. Wexford, Y35 W670 Community Service
Talbot Motors Dublin 1 Motor
The Bridal Venue Dublin 11 D11 Va40 Community Service
The Bride Wore Blue Dublin 16, D16 R7y2 Legal and Other Business Activities
The Owl & the Pussycat Daycare & After School Club Co. Tipperary Health
The Skin Lab Co. Cork Community Service
Tralee Tandoori India Restaurant Co. Kerry Community Service
Translational and Clinical Research Ireland Dublin 2, D02 Cx28 Health
Tw Financial Advice Co. Limerick V35 Rd78 Financial
Vibe Fitness Dublin 3 Community Service
Vita Floral Co. Wexford Y21 Y422 Community Service
Walther's Coffee Co. Dublin A94 E4p9 Hospitality
West Coast Decorators Galway, H91 Rfn8 Construction
White Rabbit Web Solutions Co. Clare Computers
Wild Atlantic Leisure Co Mayo Community Service
Wilson Moore Dublin 11 Unknown
Your Money Back Co. Kildare Legal and Other Business Activities
Yourhotelroom Co. Meath Community Service

23rd of March, 2017

&Open Dublin 6w, D6w Hh74 Trade and Retail
A & S Collins Co. Cork Agriculture
Absolute Building Services Co. Galway Construction
All Tradesmen Co. Dublin, K32 T860 Legal and Other Business Activities
Alterations Boutique Co. Cork, P81 Vc44 Community Service
Aspect Group Co. Louth Construction
Bannon Solicitors County Meath Legal and Other Business Activities
Bath Renewal Services Co. Cork, T23 Pw40 Trade and Retail
Beautiful Lashes By Una Co. Donegal, F93 Y6c2 Community Service
Bradán Accountants Galway Legal and Other Business Activities
Brian Mc Ginley Co. Donegal Construction
Chinese Cultural Academy Co Kildre Unknown
Collection Dublin 3 Unknown
Cr Cleaning Dublin 5, D05 F542 Community Service
Cualu Dublin 8, D08 X798 Hospitality
Culletons Traditional Fish and Chips Co. Tipperary Hospitality
Deise Livestock Co. Tipperary Agriculture
Delicious Co. Cavan, A82 P3v1 Hospitality
Dms Market Access Dublin 2 Financial
Doe Castle Coffee Co. Donegal, F92 Ad72 Trade and Retail
Dublin Community Mediation Dublin 24 D24 Tcc4 Legal and Other Business Activities
Dublin Tax Accountants Dublin 22, D22 Hc57 Legal and Other Business Activities
El-Grito Dublin 2, D02 Td39 Community Service
Electric and Plumbing Repairs - Epr Limerick V94 Wk24 Construction
Elena Beautician Longford, N39 Kw80 Community Service
Extra Clean Co. Dublin D24 P039 Legal and Other Business Activities
Fee's Cakes Co. Kildare R14 X086 Hospitality
Focus Finders Sligo Community Service
Gloss Cosmetics Galway, H91 He4x Community Service
Hamsa Dublin 6, D06 Xe80 Health
Home8 Co. Meath Trade and Retail
Hot Shots Basketball Dublin 11 D11 K0y2 Community Service
House 41 Dublin 7, D07 F727 Trade and Retail
Ielt Dublin 2 Education
Irish Poker Series Co. Louth A92 Wr6w Community Service
Keane's Cottage Co. Cork Community Service
Killeen Irish Co. Tipperary Trade and Retail
Leighis Teiripe Clinic Co. Kerry Community Service
McMahon Carpentry & Building Co. Galway H62 Wf68 Construction
Michael Collins Co. Cork P72 Fd80 Agriculture
Michael Hogan Electrical Co. Tipperary Construction
Miniweld Co Dublin Motor
Mld Carpentry & Maintenance Co. Carlow, R93 V400 Construction
Molesworth Clinic Dublin 2, D02 K023 Health
Multicultural Consultancy Ireland Co. Cork, P31 X583 Health
Na Seoda Óga Co Cork Unknown
Nellynoo Co. Cork, P25 Vr96 Trade and Retail
Norbert,Mary & Diarmaid Reilly Co. Cavan Agriculture
Nxtgen Technology Sligo, F91 N5p2 Trade and Retail
Omw Supplies Co. Sligo Trade and Retail
Optimum Motors Co. Carlow Motor
Perfect Pamper Parties Dublin Co. Dublin K36 H799 Community Service
Priory Coffee Company Co. Cork Hospitality
Process Solutions Dublin 14, D14 X659 Legal and Other Business Activities
Rebel Music Co. Cork Community Service
Resport Co Leitrim Health
Rock Icons Co. Galway H53 K500 Community Service
Roofer Dublin Dublin 5 Unknown
Rummage Dublin 14, D14 Y309 Community Service
Safepay Co. Dublin, A94 V654 Financial
Sami's Hair Parlour Co. Wexford, Y21 Ay86 Community Service
San Marino Castleknock Dublin 16 Unknown
Selectproperties Co. Louth A92 Y031 Leasing
Skellig Coast Co Kerry Unknown
Smart Sense Co. Mayo Community Service
Steam Packet Music Co. Clare Community Service
Stephen Browne Contracting Co. Wexford Agriculture
Stockade Digital Security Dublin 6w, D6w A062 Computers
Stoves4u Co. Kerry V92 Px34 Construction
The Burgatory Galway, H91 Xr58 Hospitality
The Joyful Swimmer Co. Dublin A96 E6e5 Community Service
The Shed Factory Co. Offaly Construction
Thru-U Co. Cork, P25 Kx56 Education
Tow Trucks Dublin Dublin 15 Unknown
Universal Media Dublin 2, D02 Xp30 Transport
Yummy Cafe Co. Kerry Hospitality


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