Receiver Appointments

"Receivership" means that Form E8 (Notice of Appointment of Receiver(s)) per Section 437(1) Companies Act 2014 has been filed with the CRO in respect of part or all of the property of the company, which property may or may not be beneficially owned by the company. Please refer to the relevant E8 form(s) for further information.

Below is a list of companies that filed a "NOTICE OF APPOINTMENT OF RECEIVER".

Company Name Partial Address Industry

24th of February, 2017

O'Grady Business Systems Limited Dublin 12 Trade and Retail

23rd of February, 2017

Crale Properties Limited Co. Wicklow Real estate
Howard Webworks Limited Cork Legal and Other Business Activities

21st of February, 2017

Foresite Properties Limited Galway Real estate

20th of February, 2017

Tweedswood Limited Wexford Real estate
West Cork Natural Cheese Limited Co Cork Manufacturing


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