Top Irish Companies - Water Transport

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Water Transport
C & M Cold Stores Unlimited Company
Co Monaghan
Dsv Road Limited
County Kildare
Irish Continental Group, Public Limited Company
Dublin 1
Irish Ferries Limited
Dublin 1
Ringaskiddy Logistic Centre Limited
Marine Terminals Limited
Dublin 4
Rochefreight (Ireland) Limited
Co. Wexford
Leinster Global Logistics Limited
Dublin 2
Emerald Star Limited
Dublin 1
D C Boats Limited
Co. Galway
Liscannor Ferry Company Limited
Co. Clare
Techno Marine Limited
Dublin 24
Derg Line Limited
Ocean & General Maritime Agencies (Cork) Limited
Dublin 18
Freight Management Limited
Dublin 11
Ballinroe Transport Co. Limited
Co. Tipperary
Formside Limited
Co. Cork
Lynch Loaders & Agri Limited
Co Limerick
Hamilton Shipping (Ireland) Limited
Dublin 1
Celtic Tugs Unlimited Company
Sal Forwarding Limited
Co. Wicklow
Greenore Stevedoring Limited
Co. Louth
Galway Marine Chandlers Limited
Shannon Leisure Development Company Limited
Co. Leitrim
Leeside Shipping Limited
Argosea Logistics Limited
Rossbrin Boatyard Limited
Co Cork
Y.S. & S. Limited
Co. Cork
Arklow Shipping (Overseas) Limited
Co. Wicklow
Leitrim Cruiser Hire Limited
Dublin 2
Iris Flower Company Limited
D02 V078 Ireland
Shannon Workboats Limited
Co Limerick
Robert Byrne & Sons (Boatmen) Limited
Dublin 3
Wellington Transport Limited
Co. Dublin
Sinbad Marine Investments Limited
Co Donegal
Pepe Trawls Limited
Co Dublin
Solana Investments Limited
Co. Wicklow
Lawrence Cove Ferries Limited
Co. Cork
Horgans Shipping & Offshore Services Limited
Price Brothers Limited
Co Dublin
Aquaship Agencies Limited
Dublin 1
Marinex Limited
Co Cork
Locaboat Ireland Limited
Co. Meath
Lowtown Marine Services Limited
Co. Roscommon
Y.P.S. Limited
Co. Cork
Silver Line Marinas Limited
Co Offaly
Wallgyp Limited
Co Wicklow
The Sovereigns Boat Charters Limited
Co. Cork
Aimsiú Trácht Na H'Oileáin Teoranta
Co Galway
Invermore Shipping Limited
Co Wicklow
Kingdom Brunel Limited
Shannon-Erne Line Limited
Dublin 2
Anthony F Kelly Boatman Limited
Irish Cruiser Hire Limited
Dublin 2
Ship-Man. Limited
Co. Kerry
South Coast Cruisers Limited
Co. Cork
Mawbeg Shipping Limited
Dublin 4
Philip Watson Limited
Co Dublin
Gaelic Ferries Limited
Dundalk Louth
Poolbeg Stevedoring Company Unlimited Company
Dublin 1
C. Clode And Sons (Ireland) Limited